William Reynolds

?? - Summer 1808

I have very little information about William at this time. I am not sure exactly who his parents were, when he was born, or the exact location of his birth. Most of the information that I have came from the book by Capt. Paddock "History of North and West Texas, 1906-Vol II." which stated that William Reynolds was born in Kentucky and was descended from an honored old Virginian family.

William married Jane Milliken of Bedford County, Tennessee on August 23, 1790 in Greene County, Tennessee. It is believed that they produced a total of eleven children:
The first was Thomas, who was born in May 1791 and died sometime before 1812; James, who married Sally and served in the War of 1812, He was born in June 1792 and died before 1840 in Izzard County, Arkansas; John, married Mary Ann Hudloc and served in the War of 1812.

Benjamin, his third son to serve in the War of 1812 was born in March 1795 and died around 1831 in Arkansas, it is known that he had one son named Moses; William who was born in May 1796 and died before 1832; Elizabeth, who married Arthur Campbell; Henry; David, who married Plata Davis and Dolly Cook Lycan; Andrew who was born in 1804.

Their son, Joshua who was born in 1806 and died before 1840; and Richard who was born around 1808. A lot of this is speculation and may be corrected at a later date. The exact order of children are not known. I feel there was possibly two sets of twins in the first half dozen children.

William was a Blacksmith and Farmer and spent most of his adult life in Kentucky and Tennessee. The first recorded history that I have of him is when he was married in Greene county Tennessee on August 23, 1790 to Jane Milliken, however, I believe that he left there and went to, or returned to Kentucky prior to 1795. He is listed on the Green County, Kentucky Tax list each year form 1795 to 1800.

I do know that he purchased land in Green County, now Adair County, Kentucky in 1799 and is on the Adair County Tax List from 1802 through 1806. I believe that most, if not all of his children were born in Kentucky.

William and Jane returned to Tennessee into what is now known as Bedford County and settled near the town of Flat Creek sometime prior to 1808. It is possible that he moved there around 1807, we know that he sold his land in Kentucky in October, 1807.

Jane was the daughter of James Milliken of Green County, Tennessee, and I believe she was born between 1776 & 80 in Virginia. It is possible that her mother's name was Elizabeth.

William died of heat exhaustion by overworking himself in his Blacksmith shop in the Summer of 1808, and is buried in Flat Creek Cemetery (Near Shelbyville), Bedford County, Tennessee. In the book, Memories of Bedford County, Tennessee by William Floyd, he writes: The first grave yard was perhaps on J. L. Hutson's farm, where a few graves can still be see from the turnpike.

It was known as the Prewitt grave yard. Soon thereafter a grave yard was opened on the hill near the Separate Baptist Church. The first man buried was a Mr. Reynolds and he was carried to the grave yard in a sled drawn by oxen and over a road-way cut through the canes. On the same hill William Haselett killed a black bear.

In Memories of William Floyd, of Bedford County, Tennessee Poly Bouton writes: First man buried at Flat Creek was named Reynolds; lived near Jim Floyd's; hauled him out through canes on an ox sled.

It is possible that William was several years older than Jane since records indicate he died from overwork. A young man did not normally do this in the 1700-1800 era. Jane had to be very young when she married in 1790, if later census records are accurate.

She was listed as 26-44 years old (born 1776-1794) in the 1820 US Census for Bedford County, Tennessee and 50-59 years old in the 1830 Census (born 1771-1780). Therefore she was born between 1776 and 1780 which would make her about 13 years old when she got married and about 31 or 32 when William died in 1808.

If William was indeed older that Jane, it is possible that he was married before, and could have had other children by this marriage. Jane also died in Bedford County, Tennessee in the year 1839, and is also buried in Flat Creek Cemetery.

Listed below is some interesting information that I have found about Jane. In Marsh's book Land Deed Genealogy of Bedford County, Tennessee in Deed Book "FF" it is written:

Page 488 - 14 Feb 1809. I, James Millikin, Sr. for love and affection for my daughter Jane Reynolds, both of Bedford Co., TN, conveyed one Negro woman Cate and her child George. The Negroes have already been delivered unto Jane Reynolds. Wit: James Millikin, Jr. and Anthony Reagor. Reg: 26 Nov 1836.

It would appear that when Jane died there was quite a spat over her estate. In the Book, Canceler Court Records of Bedford County, Tennessee by Marsh the following petitions were filed:

Page 418 - Andrew Reynolds     }
      vs     }
Arthur Campbell & others     }
Andrew Reynolds of Franklin County, Tennessee and Arthur Campbell of Bedford County. Orator states that he was appointed admr. of Jane Reynolds, deceased, of Bedford County, also that the following are the distributees of the said Jane Reynolds, to wit:

Arthur Campbell and wife Elizabeth who lives in Bedford County, Henry Reynolds and John Reynolds who lives in Lincoln County, Tennessee, David Reynolds who lived in Illinois, Richard Reynolds who resides in Mississippi, Moses Reynolds and the heirs of James Reynolds who reside in Arkansas and your orator further states that all the distributees have been advanced $100.00 each.

This exceptions on Moses Reynolds and David Reynolds who has not been advanced at all and Arthur Campbell and wife who were advanced in the lifetime of said Jane by the gift of a Negro girl. Orator states that James Reynolds who was one of the distributees has departed this life since the said Jane, in the State of Arkansas, having a widow Sally Reynolds and some children, names are unknown.

Orator states that Moses Reynolds is a minor and has no guardian. Jane Reynolds was the wife of William Reynolds who died many years ago, intestate.

Page 478 - Moses Reynolds, Exparte Petition, filed 25 Feb 1851.
Moses Reynolds a citizen of State of Arkansas, stated that about year 1839, his grandmother, Jane Reynolds, departed this life intestate in Bedford County and shortly after, Andrew Reynolds was duly appointed admr. on her estate and filed against the heirs.

Admr. charged to Alfred Campbell. Moses Reynolds' father, Benjamin Reynolds, was made a party who was represented as a child of Jane Reynolds and proceeded against as a non-resident of the State. Benjamin Reynolds departed this life many years ago before the death of Jane Reynolds, his mother, having died in 1831.

Moses Reynolds states that he is the only child of Benjamin Reynolds, deceased, and as such is a distributees of the said Jane Reynolds in the right of his father Benjamin Reynolds, and should receive share of estate.

Page 479 - Moses Reynolds     }
      vs     } A. Bill, filed 1st September 1851
John T. Neil     }
Moses Reynolds, a citizen of Arkansas, says that about the year 1839, his grandmother Jane Reynolds departed this life intestate in Bedford County.

She had a tract of land in Bedford County and shortly after her death, Andrew Reynolds and other heirs filed to sell the lands against your petitioner's father Benjamin Reynolds and others. Benjamin Reynolds a non-resident. Benjamin Reynolds was a son of Jane Reynolds and long before Jane Reynolds departed this life. Benjamin Reynolds died, leaving a widow and your petitioner, only heir.

The following information was taken from Tennessee Chancery Court Records 1837-1845 (Bedford County):

Reynolds, Andrew (Adm., etc.) vs Arthur Campbell, Original bill.
In this cause William D. Orr is appointed guardian ad litum to defend the minor heirs of James Reynolds, deceased, who have no regular guardian and that he answer and defend for said minors.

Andrew Reynolds (Adm. of Jane Reynolds) vs Arthur Campbell et. al.)

Decreed by the court that the case be referred to the Master to take an Acct. of Comp. administration to Debts and in charging whatever advancements may have been made to Debts, Campbell and wife, they be not charged with the Negro girl Dorcas, in the pleadings mentioned and that the Master report to the next term of this court, until which time all other matters are reserved.

Alfred Campbell vs Andrew Reynolds and Arthur Campbell and Andrew Reynolds vs Arthur Campbell (Exr.)

Consent of court that cases be heard together and if it should appear that the distributive share of Richard Reynolds, in the estate of Jane Reynolds is equal to the amount of a note executed to said Andrew Reynolds, as administrator of said Jane Reynolds by said Richard Reynolds for the price of a Negro purchased by said Richard at the sale of the property of said Jane, that the said Andrew have a credit for said note or so much of is as may amount to the sale.

In the Tennessee Chancery Court Records 1837-1845 we find:

Court term of August 26, 1845--Andrew Reynolds (Admr.) vs Arthur Campbell and others and Alfred Campbell vs Andrew Reynolds and Arthur Campbell, Final Decree. Heard before Ho. Broomfield L. Ridley. That there are eight distributees of said estate, who as such are entitled to the amount of said estate, which is in the hands of the administrator to be distributed.

That John Reynolds is entitled to the sum of $19.24; that Arthur Campbell is entitled to the sum of $133.80; that James Reynolds is entitled to $643.16; that Benjamin Reynolds is entitled to $681.91; that David Reynolds is entitled to $681.90; and it further appearing to the satisfaction of the court that Andrew Reynolds, former administrator, had failed to turn over the funds of said estate into the hands of Alfred Campbell, the Admr. do bonis non, and that Arthur Campbell is his authority.

It is decreed that Alfred Campbell recover of the Andrew Reynolds and Arthur Campbell his security the sum of $1154.00, it being the amount found in the hands of Andrew Reynolds as due at this time. And it further appearing to the court that there is now in the hands of Alfred Campbell the present Admr. the sum of $971.06 to be distributed said heirs and distributees.

It is therefore ordered, adjudged, and decreed by the court that the said Admr. Alfred Campbell proceed to collect the sum of $1154.00 from said Andrew Reynolds and Arthur Campbell for which et execution issue.

And that said Alfred Campbell distribute said funds when so collected paying to John Reynolds $14.23-his distributive share-paying to Arthur Campbell $112.80, his distributive share; and paying to James Reynolds $643.06, his distributive share; and paying to Benjamin Reynolds $681.90, his distributive share; and paying to David Reynolds $681.90 his distributive share.

And it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that Henry Reynolds has been overpaid by Arthur Campbell the sum of $26.68. It is therefore ordered by the court that the said Henry Reynolds pay back to the Admr. Arthur Campbell said sum of $23.68 for which an execution may issue.

And it further appearing that Richard Reynolds has been overpaid by Arthur Campbell the sum of $95.00 it is therefore ordered by the court that the said Richard Reynolds pay back to the Admr. Arthur Campbell said sum of $95.00 for which an execution may issue.

It is further ordered, adjudged, and decreed by the court that Alfred Campbell Admr. pay all of the costs of this suit of Andrew Reynolds against Arthur Campbell and others and Alfred Campbell vs Andrew Reynolds and others out of the monies now in his hands to be distributed, and that he deduct the amount from the fund in his hands belonging to the distributees in proportion to their respective shares.

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