[Reynolds Family Crest]


Tune: "Battle Hymn of the Republic"

The House of Reynolds cherishes traditions of the past;
With the world's great movements they have all their fortunes cast;
With "Fide-sed Cur-vide" they're loyal to the last!
The clan goes marching on!

  CHORUS: Glory to our grand old family,
Virile, worthy, brave and loyal!
Glory to the name of Reynolds!
The clan goes marching on!

Samuel, William, John and James were fathers of our clan;
Posterity of Henry and George Reynolds never ran;
Frederic was virile, Walter was a sturdy man.
The clan goes marching on!

Josh' Reynolds was a painter; Henry, "Doctor" to the King;
John, Governor of Georgia, never failed at anything;
We are proud of Reynolds kinsmen, and we love to sing--
The clan goes marching on!

Walter was "brought up in court", a tutor of the prince;
George and Fred were writers who could all the world convince;
John Reynolds died at Gettysburg, there was none braver since!
The clan goes marching on!

When danger threatened country, or a battle to be won,
Or righteous causes need defenders or work to be done,
Brave Reynolds were right there and never did a Reynolds run.
The clan goes marching on!

The Reynolds sons have courage and task or foe to face;
The Reynolds girls are lovely with their beauty, charm and grace;
The Reynolds leaven is a blessing to the human race.
The clan goes marching on!

The Reynolds clan is mighty with two hundred thousand strong;
In seventy-six five hundred Reynolds fought to right a wrong;
Sixteen towns bear Reynolds name. Sure, let us sing that song--
The clan goes marching on!

The Reynolds all are loyal to the good old U.S.A.
They love the flag of freedom and will follow it for aye;
They always do their duty and never run away.
The clan goes marching on!


Created and Maintained for the Reynolds Family Circle by

Joe Reynolds

Copyright © 1996-2008, Joe Reynolds, Pittsburg, Texas USA.
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