Bedford, Tennessee, USA


Latitude: 35.5138, Longitude: -86.4581


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Glyn Oliver  20 Mar 1920Bedford, Tennessee, USA I91
2 ASHLEY, Lee Roy  1 Sep 1912Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8468
3 BRADSHAW, Robert Benjamin  17 Nov 1869Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8512
4 CAMPBELL, Caldonia J.  4 Jan 1853Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1189
5 CAMPBELL, Elnora Josephine  9 Apr 1875Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8524
6 CAMPBELL, Greenberry  Abt 1835Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1204
7 CAMPBELL, Hattie  12 May 1873Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1208
8 CAMPBELL, Henry  Abt 1832Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1209
9 CAMPBELL, James Arthur  Abt Oct 1859Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1214
10 CAMPBELL, John  Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1220
11 CAMPBELL, Lawson Ephraim  30 Nov 1897Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8532
12 CAMPBELL, Letha Bell  10 Jan 1858Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1224
13 CAMPBELL, Lucinda  Abt 1827Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1226
14 CAMPBELL, Lucinda C.  23 Jul 1849Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1227
15 CAMPBELL, Margarette Parthenia  13 Oct 1827Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1238
16 CAMPBELL, Mary Elizabeth  2 Apr 1841Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1231
17 CAMPBELL, Nancy  Abt 1819Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1233
18 CAMPBELL, Nancy Elizabeth "Bett"  Abt 1846Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1234
19 CAMPBELL, Nora  Abt 1875Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1235
20 CAMPBELL, Roger Carroll  Abt 1829Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1192
21 CAMPBELL, Sarah A.  Abt 1862Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1246
22 CAMPBELL, Thomas J  7 May 1842Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1250
23 CAMPBELL, Victoria C.  20 Feb 1856Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1253
24 CAMPBELL, William B.  1 Mar 1814Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1255
25 CAMPBELL, William C.  Abt 1844Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1254
26 FLOYD, David Allen  Abt Oct 1822Bedford, Tennessee, USA I2494
27 FLOYD, James A.  Abt 1852Bedford, Tennessee, USA I2499
28 FLOYD, Marion  Abt 1846Bedford, Tennessee, USA I2500
29 FLOYD, Robert  Abt 1860Bedford, Tennessee, USA I2506
30 FLOYD, William  Abt 1850Bedford, Tennessee, USA I2507
31 HALBROOK, Joseph Erwin  9 Oct 1818Bedford, Tennessee, USA I9688
32 HITT, Nelle Edra  2 Feb 1905Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8592
33 HITT, William Everett  26 Jul 1868Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8863
34 LAMPKINS, Jane Ray  6 Feb 1816Bedford, Tennessee, USA I3978
35 MADISON, Matilda  1818Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8878
36 MULLINS, Arthur  22 Oct 1884Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4926
37 MULLINS, Bessie Mullins  Abt 1889Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4927
38 MULLINS, Bettie  23 Jan 1900Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4928
39 MULLINS, Clayton  19 Mar 1913Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4931
40 MULLINS, Fred  24 Apr 1905Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4939
41 MULLINS, Guy  4 Oct 1898Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4941
42 MULLINS, Huldah E.  2 Jan 1891Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4942
43 MULLINS, Jessie  15 Apr 1901Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4944
44 MULLINS, John B.  26 Mar 1902Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4946
45 MULLINS, Lillian  29 Aug 1897Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4952
46 MULLINS, Luther  23 Dec 1885Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4954
47 MULLINS, Maggie Fay  4 May 1907Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4956
48 MULLINS, Mannon  8 Jun 1859Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4957
49 MULLINS, Morton  Abt 1883Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4967
50 MULLINS, William Jesse  17 Apr 1887Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4973

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Glyn Oliver  6 Dec 2006Bedford, Tennessee, USA I91
2 BRADSHAW, Robert Benjamin  23 Dec 1941Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8512
3 BURROW, Aletha May  9 Jan 1898Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1063
4 BURROW, Ephraim  1 Aug 1851Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8516
5 CAMPBELL, Arthur  Abt 1854Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1187
6 CAMPBELL, Elnora Josephine  3 Mar 1934Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8524
7 CAMPBELL, Hattie  12 Aug 1899Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1208
8 CAMPBELL, Lucinda C.  31 Mar 1909Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1227
9 CAMPBELL, Mary Elizabeth  25 Mar 1892Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1231
10 CAMPBELL, Sarah A.  Aft 1880Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1246
11 CAMPBELL, Thomas J  23 Jan 1864Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1250
12 CAMPBELL, William B.  28 Mar 1894Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1255
13 CLAPP, Eve  Dec 1851Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8540
14 JONES, Tennie Lenora  16 Mar 1915Bedford, Tennessee, USA I3813
15 MILLIKEN, Jane  Abt 1839Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4734
16 MULLINS, Bessie Mullins  Abt 1889Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4927
17 MULLINS, Martha J.  Between 1880 and 1900Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4961
18 MULLINS, Morton  Abt 1883Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4967
19 PIERCE, Henry Clayborn  17 Aug 1953Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5407
20 PIERCE, Hulda E.  Bef 1870Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5408
21 PIERCE, Jesse  9 Apr 1957Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5409
22 PIERCE, Lucinda  Bef 1896Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5417
23 RANEY, John W  28 Feb 1841Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8942
24 REYNOLDS, Elizabeth  1870Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5924
25 ROBINSON, Catherine  18 Dec 1886Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8947
26 SANDERS, Leona  2 Oct 1919Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8748
27 SHOFFNER, Brightie Pearl  6 Apr 1964Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8953
28 WEAVER, Bessie  23 Aug 1915Bedford, Tennessee, USA I7879


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRADSHAW, Robert Benjamin  Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8512


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEARDEN, James Allen  1825Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8494
2 BROWN, Dorothy Dolly  1820Bedford, Tennessee, USA I942
3 BURROW, Charity  18 Sep 1848Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1062
4 RANEY, Claborn B "Clay"  1853Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5584
5 RANEY, Claborn B "Clay"  Abt 1853Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5584
6 RANEY, Henry  1855Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5587
7 RANEY, William Peter  18 May 1808Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5592


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 HALBROOK, William Erwin  4 Aug 1823Bedford, Tennessee, USA I2929


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, Sarah A.  Aft 1880Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1246


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 RANEY, William Peter  Bedford, Tennessee, USA I5592


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Isaac Asberry  1917Bedford, Tennessee, USA I92
2 ARNOLD, Jerusha  1840Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8460
3 BAILEY, Joe Thomas  1935Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8474
4 BAILEY, Joe Thomas Jr.  1935Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8475
5 BAILEY, Joe Thomas  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8474
6 BAILEY, Joe Thomas Jr.  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8475
7 BEARDEN, Cecil Millard  1935Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8485
8 BEARDEN, Cecil Millard  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8485
9 BEARDEN, Gwendolyn  1935Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8491
10 BEARDEN, Gwendolyn  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8491
11 CAMPBELL, Arthur  1820Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1187
12 CAMPBELL, Arthur  1830Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1187
13 CAMPBELL, Arthur  1840Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1187
14 CAMPBELL, Edna Carol  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8523
15 CAMPBELL, Ephriam Carroll (Pone)  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I1199
16 CAMPBELL, Katheryn Elizabeth  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8530
17 CAMPBELL, Lawson Ephraim  12 Sep 1918Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8532
18 CAMPBELL, Sumner M  1935Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8534
19 CAMPBELL, Sumner M  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8534
20 CAMPBELL, Sumner M  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8534
21 FLOYD, David Jr.  1820Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8569
22 FLOYD, David Jr.  1830Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8569
23 FLOYD, David Jr.  1840Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8569
24 FLOYD, David Jr.  1850Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8569
25 FLOYD, David Jr.  1850Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8569
26 FLOYD, David Allen  1850Bedford, Tennessee, USA I2494
27 HITT, Nelle Edra  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8592
28 HITT, William Everett  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8863
29 LUNA, George Carroll  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8612
30 MILLIKEN, Jane  1820Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4734
31 MILLIKEN, Jane  1820Bedford, Tennessee, USA I4734
32 NORVELL, Edward Morris Butcher  1840Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8627
33 NORVELL, Jerusha Belle  1935Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8637
34 NORVELL, Jerusha Belle  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8637
35 RUDD, Alta Mai  1935Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8741
36 RUDD, Alta Mai  1935Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8741
37 RUDD, William Marvin  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8745
38 SHOFFNER, Brightie Pearl  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8953
39 STALLINGS, Eddie Lee  5 Jun 1917Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8764
40 THRONEBERRY, Herman Campbell  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8774
41 THRONEBERRY, James Robert  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8775
42 THRONEBERRY, Martin Joel  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8777
43 THRONEBERRY, Wilson  1 Apr 1940Bedford, Tennessee, USA I8779


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / BURROW  1840Bedford, Tennessee, USA F3140
2 / CAMPBELL  7 Dec 1894Bedford, Tennessee, USA F3248
3 ALLEN / ARNOLD  1899Bedford, Tennessee, USA F56
4 ARNOLD / CAMPBELL  1 Oct 1872Bedford, Tennessee, USA F177
5 BEARDEN / RUDD  1 Oct 1922Bedford, Tennessee, USA F3122
6 CAMPBELL /   Abt 1839Bedford, Tennessee, USA F3251
7 CAMPBELL / BURROW  Abt 1839Bedford, Tennessee, USA F759
8 CAMPBELL / HAIRSTON  3 Dec 1885Bedford, Tennessee, USA F850
9 CAMPBELL / NANCE  12 Jul 1888Bedford, Tennessee, USA F856
10 CAMPBELL / REYNOLDS  Bedford, Tennessee, USA F839
11 CAMPBELL / SETLIFF  29 Dec 1890Bedford, Tennessee, USA F847
12 FLOYD / CAMPBELL  Abt 1842Bedford, Tennessee, USA F864
13 HANSEN / STALLINGS  23 Dec 1917Bedford, Tennessee, USA F3185
14 MULLINS / PIERCE  11 Sep 1882Bedford, Tennessee, USA F2501
15 MULLINS / PIERCE  29 Oct 1896Bedford, Tennessee, USA F2502
16 NORVELL / CAMPBELL  22 Jul 1868Bedford, Tennessee, USA F868
17 PIERCE / CAMPBELL  29 Jul 1860Bedford, Tennessee, USA F866
18 RANEY / CAMPBELL  Abt 1851Bedford, Tennessee, USA F870
19 RANEY / CAMPBELL  30 Jan 1878Bedford, Tennessee, USA F875
20 RANEY / HITT  2 Jun 1928Bedford, Tennessee, USA F3191
21 RENEGAR / CAMPBELL  18 Sep 1904Bedford, Tennessee, USA F3155
22 REYNOLDS / BROWN  1823Bedford, Tennessee, USA F710
23 REYNOLDS / HUDLOW  Abt 1820Bedford, Tennessee, USA F2006
24 REYNOLDS / JEANES  Abt 1828Bedford, Tennessee, USA F2038
25 REYNOLDS / SALLY  1832Bedford, Tennessee, USA F2721
26 REYNOLDS / STORIE  10 Mar 1847Bedford, Tennessee, USA F2713
27 ROBINSON / CAMPBELL  23 Aug 1875Bedford, Tennessee, USA F861
28 RUDD / CAMPBELL  7 Dec 1894Bedford, Tennessee, USA F853
29 SNELL / MULLINS  26 Jun 1916Bedford, Tennessee, USA F2513
30 STALLINGS / NORVELL  12 Jan 1892Bedford, Tennessee, USA F3205
31 STALLINGS / SANDERS  12 Nov 1916Bedford, Tennessee, USA F3211