Tennessee, USA


Latitude: 35.705, Longitude: -84.9584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary Josephine  Abt 1847Tennessee, USA I4366
2 ALLEN, Crysta Lee  1 Oct 1901Tennessee, USA I81
3 ALLEN, Isaac Asberry  16 Sep 1872Tennessee, USA I92
4 ALLEN, Maude Lala  3 Aug 1911Tennessee, USA I121
5 ALLEN, Vertie Lorena  21 Sep 1899Tennessee, USA I151
6 ARNOLD, Artie Missi Myrtle  18 Apr 1877Tennessee, USA I215
7 ASHLEY, Green Herman  15 Feb 1920Tennessee, USA I8464
8 ASHLEY, Stobie  17 Feb 1924Tennessee, USA I8471
9 BARHAM, James Anderson  15 May 1893Tennessee, USA I8833
10 BARHAM, Mabern  18 Sep 1924Tennessee, USA I8834
11 BEARDEN, Allen  Abt 1872Tennessee, USA I8482
12 BEARDEN, Henry Columbus  25 Aug 1849Tennessee, USA I455
13 BOULTON, Mary Mageline  17 Jan 1904Tennessee, USA I8437
14 BRADLEY, Hope Cealah  14 Sep 1845Tennessee, USA I9471
15 BRADSHAW, Johnson  28 Jun 1917Tennessee, USA I8509
16 BRASSFIELD, Birtie Inez  14 Feb 1911Tennessee, USA I8836
17 BURROW, Henry  1825Tennessee, USA I11257
18 CAMPBELL, Andrew  Abt 1861Tennessee, USA I1186
19 CAMPBELL, Arthur  Abt 1786Tennessee, USA I1187
20 CAMPBELL, Charley  Abt 1869Tennessee, USA I1195
21 CAMPBELL, Ella  Abt 1866Tennessee, USA I1197
22 CAMPBELL, Glendon Berry  14 Jan 1897Tennessee, USA I1202
23 CAMPBELL, Lanson  1898Tennessee, USA I8531
24 CAMPBELL, William B.  Abt 1859Tennessee, USA I1256
25 CAMPBELL, William Claiborn  2 Dec 1844Tennessee, USA I8840
26 CASHION, Ada  1884Tennessee, USA I8841
27 CASHION, Charlie  1888Tennessee, USA I8842
28 CASHION, Osaline (Blon)  7 Mar 1908Tennessee, USA I8539
29 CROWELL, Samuel Frank  14 Nov 1925Tennessee, USA I8547
30 CUMMINGS, Edward Walter  10 Aug 1872Tennessee, USA I8845
31 DANIEL, Andrew J  22 Feb 1880Tennessee, USA I8554
32 DANIEL, Ella Luvata  14 Oct 1885Tennessee, USA I8555
33 DENNY, Jonas Robertson  17 Oct 1850Tennessee, USA I1991
34 DYER, Etta Sue  9 Jan 1934Tennessee, USA I8565
35 FANNING, Nancy Lavonia  2 Apr 1885Tennessee, USA I8850
36 FARRAR, Vinita  17 May 1914Tennessee, USA I8567
37 FLOYD, Orrie Lucille  Abt 1888Tennessee, USA I8574
38 GROCE, Clara Mabel  11 Mar 1911Tennessee, USA I8577
39 HALBROOK, Benjamin  1830Tennessee, USA I9684
40 HALBROOK, Charity S  1815Tennessee, USA I9685
41 HALBROOK, James  Tennessee, USA I9686
42 HALBROOK, Thomas Jefferson  Aug 1832Tennessee, USA I9689
43 HALBROOK, Wilkinson L  1819Tennessee, USA I9690
44 HAMILTON, Mary E  20 Jul 1844Tennessee, USA I8580
45 HAMLET, Maggie  Aug 1855Tennessee, USA I8857
46 HARKINS, Susie Edna  Apr 1881Tennessee, USA I8587
47 HARRIS, Riley Lee  30 Aug 1931Tennessee, USA I8860
48 JOHNSON, Elmer D  1882Tennessee, USA I8599
49 JOHNSON, Samuel Thomas  11 Dec 1847Tennessee, USA I10373
50 KELLY, Mona Lisa  31 Jan 1964Tennessee, USA I8868

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHLEY, Lee Roy  Apr 1966Tennessee, USA I8468
2 BLACK, Zema B  Dec 1994Tennessee, USA I10684
3 CAMPBELL, George Andrew Jackson  24 Oct 1912Tennessee, USA I1201
4 CARTER, Catherine "Kate"  Bef 1870Tennessee, USA I1341
5 COKER, "Bettie" Elizabeth Mahala  6 Jun 1946Tennessee, USA I8544
6 FANNING, Nancy Lavonia  1931Tennessee, USA I8850
7 HARKINS, Susie Edna  Apr 1962Tennessee, USA I8587
8 NORVELL, Lola B  Feb 1985Tennessee, USA I8638
9 PIGG, Ruby Lou  25 Aug 1969Tennessee, USA I8649
10 RANEY, Henry  1915Tennessee, USA I5587
11 RANEY, John Alpine "Johnnie"  1965Tennessee, USA I8711
12 RUDD, Wiley Benjamin  Bef 1910Tennessee, USA I8744


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FLOYD, David Jr.  1786Tennessee, USA I8569
2 HARRIS, Riley Lee  Abt 1930Tennessee, USA I8860
3 HARRIS, Riley Lee  30 Aug 1931Tennessee, USA I8860
4 ISBELL, William C  1820Tennessee, USA I11216
5 MORTON, Sarah P.  1836Tennessee, USA I8625
6 MORTON, Sarah P.  Mar 1836Tennessee, USA I8625
7 NORVELL, Frances Elizabeth  28 Nov 1906Tennessee, USA I8634
8 NORVELL, Georgia F.  13 Oct 1872Tennessee, USA I8635
9 NORVELL, Georgia F.  1874Tennessee, USA I8635
10 NORVELL, Ned Wilson  Abt 1921Tennessee, USA I8640
11 NORVELL, Ned Wilson  Abt 1922Tennessee, USA I8640
12 RANEY, Roy E  16 Feb 1906Tennessee, USA I8721
13 RANEY, Roy E  16 Feb 1906Tennessee, USA I8721
14 RENEGAR, Joseph Henry  1822Tennessee, USA I8735
15 RENEGAR, Joseph Henry  1825Tennessee, USA I8735
16 RENEGAR, Joseph Henry  Sep 1827Tennessee, USA I8735
17 RENEGAR, Joseph Henry  1828Tennessee, USA I8735
18 RENEGAR, Joseph Henry  Abt 1828Tennessee, USA I8735
19 THRONEBERRY, Roscoe  1888Tennessee, USA I8778
20 THRONEBERRY, Roscoe  1894Tennessee, USA I8778
21 THRONEBERRY, Roscoe  1 Dec 1894Tennessee, USA I8778
22 THRONEBERRY, Roscoe  1895Tennessee, USA I8778
23 THRONEBERRY, Roscoe  1895Tennessee, USA I8778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 NORVELL, Lola B  Tennessee, USA I8638
2 RAINEY, Christine Clara  Tennessee, USA I8702
3 RANEY, Roy E  Tennessee, USA I8721
4 REED, Claude Orville  Tennessee, USA I8730
5 SHOFFNER, Brightie Pearl  Tennessee, USA I8953
6 THRONEBERRY, James Robert  Tennessee, USA I8775
7 WAKEFIELD, Myrtle E  Tennessee, USA I8783


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 PROCTOR, Nethel R "Bill"  Tennessee, USA I8701


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ASHLEY, Lee Roy  Tennessee, USA I8468
2 BEARDEN, Henry Columbus  Tennessee, USA I455
3 BEARDEN, Henry Columbus  2 Nov 1869Tennessee, USA I455
4 CAMPBELL, Caldonia J.  Tennessee, USA I1189
5 CAMPBELL, Letha Bell  Tennessee, USA I1224
6 CAMPBELL, Victoria C.  Tennessee, USA I1253
7 KELLY, Mona Lisa  Tennessee, USA I8868
8 KELLY, Mona Lisa  Tennessee, USA I8868
9 KELLY, Mona Lisa  Tennessee, USA I8868
10 NORVELL, Ernest Campbell  Tennessee, USA I8632
11 NORVELL, Ned Wilson  Tennessee, USA I8640
12 RANEY, Roy E  Tennessee, USA I8721
13 WHEELER, James E  Tennessee, USA I8964
14 WHEELER, Vina Paston  Tennessee, USA I8971

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 NORVELL, Frances Elizabeth  Tennessee, USA I8634
2 NORVELL, Ned Wilson  Tennessee, USA I8640
3 RENEGAR, Charlie Wilson  Tennessee, USA I8733


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 FLOYD, David Jr.  1812Tennessee, USA I8569
2 NORVELL, Elijah Arnold  6 Sep 1862Tennessee, USA I5087


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAMPBELL /   Abt 1858Tennessee, USA F841
2 O'BARR / REYNOLDS  Abt 1853Tennessee, USA F3717
3 RAINEY / BRASSFIELD  28 Jul 1925Tennessee, USA F3241
4 REYNOLDS / CARTER  Abt 1861Tennessee, USA F917