Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA


Latitude: 33.1856, Longitude: -94.8542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Welton Lane  22 May 1922Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I199
2 BROWN, Albert Eligah  23 Jul 1890Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I909
3 BROWN, Arthur Gallatin  23 Aug 1874Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I916
4 BROWN, Baba Nell  19 Dec 1930Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I918
5 BROWN, Elma  26 Sep 1898Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I943
6 BROWN, George William  4 Dec 1905Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I950
7 BROWN, Henry  12 Nov 1903Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I954
8 BROWN, Nona Lee  28 Feb 1923Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9262
9 BROWN, Veda June  10 Apr 1921Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I973
10 BROWN, Virgie Butler  16 Oct 1900Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9274
11 DENNY, Samuel Guy  10 Oct 1899Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I1994
12 DICKESON, Otha Neal  5 Sep 1915Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I2031
13 DICKESON, Queen Victoria  16 Feb 1912Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I19
14 DICKESON, Sarah Jane  27 Oct 1919Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I2037
15 DOSS, Bobby Ray  6 Nov 1927Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I2123
16 HEFNER, Jessie Lee  22 Feb 1893Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I3275
17 JOHNSON, Sybil Elizabeth  15 Sep 1903Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I10372
18 JOHNSON, Tempy Leo  21 Mar 1871Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I3716
19 LANDRUM, Benjamin Franklin  30 Nov 1887Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9301
20 LANDRUM, Inez  18 Nov 1915Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9304
21 LANDRUM, William Henry  17 Aug 1919Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9306
22 REYNOLDS, Ada Jerusia  28 Mar 1886Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5688
23 REYNOLDS, Albert Allen  5 Jul 1912Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5693
24 REYNOLDS, Albert Obee  19 Jul 1889Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5695
25 REYNOLDS, Annie Lou  26 Sep 1920Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5732
26 REYNOLDS, Arthur Hillard  1 Jan 1919Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5745
27 REYNOLDS, Cora L  17 Mar 1910Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5855
28 REYNOLDS, David Henry  10 Mar 1920Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5878
29 REYNOLDS, Dosia Elizabeth  22 Aug 1882Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5903
30 REYNOLDS, Elizabeth  12 Apr 1868Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5930
31 REYNOLDS, Frank Lee  Abt 1905Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5977
32 REYNOLDS, George Lee  24 Aug 1872Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5989
33 REYNOLDS, Georgia Ann  28 Sep 1915Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5993
34 REYNOLDS, Gladys Lorain  15 May 1936Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5996
35 REYNOLDS, Hulen  28 Jul 1922Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6035
36 REYNOLDS, Ima Jean  19 May 1938Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6039
37 REYNOLDS, Infant  14 Feb 1922Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6045
38 REYNOLDS, James  Abt 1901Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6063
39 REYNOLDS, James Pat  2 Nov 1927Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6073
40 REYNOLDS, Janey  28 Nov 1924Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6093
41 REYNOLDS, Jim Bill  23 Feb 1923Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6109
42 REYNOLDS, Joe Bailey  13 Sep 1920Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6113
43 REYNOLDS, Joe Duagan  10 Apr 1909Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I2
44 REYNOLDS, John  28 Oct 1901Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6121
45 REYNOLDS, John Arthur  4 Dec 1871Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6125
46 REYNOLDS, John Deward  7 Aug 1923Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6131
47 REYNOLDS, Joseph JohnsonDaniel  26 Sep 1869Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6152
48 REYNOLDS, Josephine Anna  20 May 1880Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6154
49 REYNOLDS, Kenneth Glen  9 Nov 1924Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6179
50 REYNOLDS, Keziah Jane  15 May 1858Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6182

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, George Pool  25 Nov 1929Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I194
2 BROWN, Albert Gallatin  3 Apr 1909Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I910
3 BROWN, Henry  8 Dec 1906Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I954
4 BROWN, John Henry  28 Jan 1953Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I969
5 BROWN, Roy  23 Jan 1916Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9268
6 CABANISS, Margaret Virginia  21 Aug 1899Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I1140
7 DUKES, Martha Jane  Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I2243
8 HAMILTON, Molly  Abt 1905Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9286
9 HENDERSON, Ola Elizabeth  25 Dec 1970Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I11195
10 HOLDER, Judith Elizabeth  4 Feb 1879Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I3399
11 JOHNSON, Jacob Elijah  3 Jan 1909Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I3696
12 JOHNSON, Tempy Leo  12 Oct 1946Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I3716
13 LANDRUM, Benjamin Franklin  2 Aug 1970Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9301
14 LANDRUM, Benjamin Lawrence  7 Jun 1935Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I10523
15 LANDRUM, William Henry  5 Dec 1964Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9306
16 MILLER, Polly Ann Lowenia  19 Mar 1926Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I4716
17 NICHOLSON, Thelma Catherine  8 Jan 1994Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I11190
18 REEVES, Levi (Lee) T.  13 Nov 1929Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5653
19 REYNOLDS, Dora Ann  27 Feb 1936Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5896
20 REYNOLDS, Eliga  14 Oct 1886Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5922
21 REYNOLDS, Elizabeth  18 Sep 1880Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5930
22 REYNOLDS, Elizabeth  12 Sep 1889Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5927
23 REYNOLDS, Infant  14 Feb 1922Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6045
24 REYNOLDS, James  14 Feb 1922Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6063
25 REYNOLDS, James R.  9 Apr 1936Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6077
26 REYNOLDS, Janey  28 Nov 1924Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6093
27 REYNOLDS, John  8 Sep 1938Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6121
28 REYNOLDS, Lizzy  21 Feb 1908Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6232
29 REYNOLDS, Mary Elizabeth  11 DecCookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6288
30 REYNOLDS, Mary Eveline  29 Apr 1919Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6290
31 REYNOLDS, Nancy Caroline  15 Dec 1944Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6339
32 REYNOLDS, Thomas David  Abt 1894Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6499
33 REYNOLDS, Walter C.  17 Feb 1925Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6548
34 REYNOLDS, Wendell Ray  12 Apr 1974Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6557
35 SOUTHERLAND, Annie Elizabeth  7 Aug 1975Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I7167
36 VAUGHT, B C  2 Jan 1991Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I11192
37 VAUGHT, Barry Como  2 Jan 1991Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I11193
38 VAUGHT, Willie Milton  14 Aug 1927Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I11194
39 WELLBORN, Annie Lula  30 Apr 1974Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I7952
40 WELLBORN, Sarah Elizabeth  8 Oct 1924Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I7997
41 WELLBORN, Thelma  1906Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I7998
42 WOOTEN, David Albert  24 Mar 1945Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I8236
43 WOOTEN, John Henry  3 Oct 1927Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I8242
44 WOOTEN, Minnie Lee  17 Nov 1905Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I8244


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARRIER, Edward Malcolm  Mar 1905Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I383
2 BROWN, Albert Eligah  28 Feb 1975Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I909
3 BROWN, George William  1940Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I950
4 BROWN, Henry  Dec 1906Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I954
5 BROWN, Hoy  1916Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9255
6 BROWN, John Henry  Jan 1953Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I969
7 BROWN, Pauline B.  13 Jul 1975Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9264
8 BROWN, Roy  Jan 1916Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9268
9 DAVIS, Lecy Belle  Nov 1944Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I1903
10 DUKES, Martha Jane  Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I2243
11 HEFNER, Jessie Lee  Nov 1972Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I3275
12 JOHNSON, Tempy Leo  15 Oct 1946Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I3716
13 REYNOLDS, Arthur Carroll  6 Jul 1950Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5742
14 REYNOLDS, Eliga  Oct 1886Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I5922
15 REYNOLDS, James Pat  5 Oct 1998Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6073
16 REYNOLDS, James R.  Apr 1936Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6077
17 REYNOLDS, Nancy Caroline  16 Dec 1944Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6339
18 REYNOLDS, Ruth Evelyn  Feb 1951Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6444
19 REYNOLDS, Thomas Pence  2 Feb 1960Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I6503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Pauline B.  Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA I9264


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARRIER / REYNOLDS  25 Apr 1902Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F302
2 DOSS / REYNOLDS  13 Jan 1924Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F1344
3 DUKE / REYNOLDS  1 Jan 1882Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F1367
4 LANDRUM / BROWN  1915Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F3376
5 LEDBETTER / REYNOLDS  7 Dec 1902Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F2224
6 REDDEN / WELLBORN  Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F2707
7 REYNOLDS / COFFMAN  13 May 1879Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F1020
8 REYNOLDS / GIPSON  22 Aug 1942Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F1617
9 REYNOLDS / KEY  25 Apr 1919Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F2163
10 REYNOLDS / LANDRUM  23 Feb 1916Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F2204
11 REYNOLDS / MEECE  22 May 1931Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F2424
12 REYNOLDS / TAYLOR  7 Apr 1915Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F2876
13 TITSWORTH / REYNOLDS  Abt 1902Cookville, Titus, Texas, USA F2776