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John Hammett Reynolds

I was born two miles North of the present site of Morrilton, Arkansas, on November 30, 1871. - at that time known as Sardis Camp Ground.

My father, Rev. William Wallace Reynolds, a Methodist, was born in Lawrence County, Tennessee, December 8, 1837.  He died in Arkansas on September 22, 1882.

My mother, Margaret Irene Conley, was born in Searcy County, Arkansas on August 28, 1848.

My grandparents, John Reynolds and Jane Ray Reynolds, were natives of Tennessee and came to Arkansas soon after the Civil War.

All we know of my great-grandfather is that he was drowned in the Tennessee River, leaving one child, my grandfather, who grew up without knowledge of the family.

On my mother's side we have definite knowledge for several generations.  My mother was Margaret Irene Conley.  Her father was Epaphroditus Conley.  Her mother was Mary Ann Conley (nee Calhoun), a cousin of John C. Calhoun.  Grandfather Conley was born in Virginia October 1, 1818.  Grandmother was born in Tennessee about 1820.  She died in 1878.  Grandpa died in October 1893, age 75 years.  Epaphroditus Conley was the son of Anderson Conley, who was the son of William (Bill) Conley - (O'Connally) a typical Irishman who came here from Ireland.  He dropped the trimmings and called the name Conley.

Reverend W. W. Reynolds, a Methodist minister, was born in Tennessee.  Parents, John Reynolds and Jane Ray Reynolds.  She was Scotch.  That is where we get the Scotch-Irish blood.  W. W. Reynolds was twice married, by first wife (a Carter) a girl named Catherine (called Kate), who afterwards married Tip Phillips, and a boy Thomas, who died in childhood.

By his second wife, Margeret Irene Conley Reynolds, he had one son and three daughters,  John Hammett, Minnie May (died in infancy), Hettie Luella, and Mabel Claire.

W. W. Reynolds died at (Appleton) Jerusalam, Arkansas September 22, 1882 of typhoid fever.

John Hammett Reynolds and Nora Montgomery were married at Appleton, Arkansas on September 10, 1893.  Rev. Dr. J. W. Bruton officiating.  They have six children living as follows:
      1. . Amy Vivian       Jun. 20, 1894
      2. Catherine Lillian       Dec. 15, 1895
  3. Frances Willard       Dec. 17, 1898
      4. Arthur Lee       Nov. 10, 1900
      5. Willie Lucille       Jun. 19, 1902
      6. Clyde Cleo       Nov. 15, 1905

Vivian married J. R. Bartlett
Lillian married Faber Spires.  After his death she married Dr. D. M. Massie
Willard married Emmet Cheek  (Note:  He died Feb. 22, 1966)
Willie married J. C. Risinger  (He died in 1949)
Arthur married Gladys Jamison.  Second wife:  Opal Gordon

My Grandchildren:

Vivian and Rube Bartlett had five children, to-wit:  Raymond Earl, James Reynolds, Juanita, John Gordon and Fred.  Juanita married Harold Hodges and they have four children.  Raymond and James have two each.

Lillian married Faber Spires, who died in January 1928.  They had two children, Jean Elizabeth and Faber F. Jr.  By her second husband, Dr. D. M. Massie, she had one son, Robert Reynolds Massie, accidentally shot himself and died at age 17 years.  Jean Elizabeth married Kenneth W. Gardner.  Has two children.

Willard married Emmett Cheek.  Two children, John Emmett, who married Helen Dean Fields, and Nora Jane.  (Note:  Jane married Oscar Berryman Jr. Aug. 29, 1954, and has 4 children)  (John E. has two).

Arthur Lee has 3 girls by first marriage, Margie Dale, Edith and Wilda, all married.  By second wife, Opal Gordon, twin girls, Opal Lee and Iris Marie, born February 13, 1945.

Willie and J. C. Risinger had two children, Mona Irene and James Clyde Jr.  Mona married Oscar Zotz and thy have three children, girls.  (Mona died in 1964).

Clyde married Willard Brent Taylor.  They have one daughter, Ada Ruth and one son, Willard Brent Jr.  (Note:  Ada Ruth married Jack Winchell in 1952 Jack was killed in auto accident in 1958.  Their son, Jack Jr. was born June 30, 1958).

J. H. Reynolds, also known as John Hammett Reynolds.  In early life he was a farmer and teacher.  He taught for thirteen years and was County Examiner for six years.  He entered politics in 1912 and was elected County Treasurer of Conway County, Arkansas and served four years.  He was elected Circuit Clerk and Recorder in 1916 and served four years.  He was elected County Judge in 1922 and served six years.  He was elected Representative in 1932, served two years and refused re-election.

He was also elected City Attorney for the City of Morrilton, Arkansas in 1936 and has served six terms of two years each and is now serving his fourteenth year and does not intend to ask re-election but means to retire.

He was admitted to the bar in 1920 and has practiced continuously since.
Politics:  Democrat
Church:  Methodist

My Sisters;

Hettie married Don S. Dickson.  They had three children, Herbert, Bertie and Jewel.  Herbert married Iva Lasater.  They have two children, Bettie Lou and Bertie Married Arthur Williams.  The had two boys, Afton and Charles and two girls, Inez and Irene.  Inez married Clarence Moll.  Irene married _____ Todd.  Jewel Dickson married Eddie Scroggins.  They had one boy, E. S.  Her husband died and she married a man named Freeman.  Don't know the number of children born to them.

Mabel married L. J. (Jess) Boyer.  They had 3 boys, Herschel, Will Lee, and Ronald.  Hershel married Essie O'Brien.

My half sister, Kate, married Tip Phillips, a farmer and good man.  They had one boy, Willie who marrried _____ Norwood, Lillie, who marrried Jack Tucker.  Fannie married Oscar _____.  Alma, don't remember.  All lived in Oklahoma.

My wife - Nora Montgomery;
Born at Shiloh, Arkansas January 4, 1872.  Her mother was Mona Montgomery (Nee Poe), daughter of Bill and Tabitha (nee) Buckley Poe.

My wife had two brothers, James F. Montgomery, a Presbyterian minister, and John F. Montgomery, a blacksmith.  One sister, Willie Montgomery, married Arthur Bunnell.

Jim's children were Dolon, Finos, Ennis, Addie, Buell, Fay, Jim, Lilly, Ina Mae.  Arthur and Willie Bunnell's children are Berta, May Queenie, Arthur Jr., Claud and Bess.

John F. Montgomery and Annie Foster had three sons:  Leonard, Bryan and John.  Bryan married Bobbie Vick.

Lilly Montgomery married Mace Hamilton.  Several children, names unknown.

RELATIVES OF MY FATHER, W.W. REYNOLDS:  He had six brothers and two sisters.  Names:  James W., George M, John, Herman, Zacariah, and Ben Franklin (Aunt "Sis" and Ben twins).  She married Jim Neal and had a bunch of boys, John, William and Zack, one girl Drucilla married a George.  Father had an older sister whose name I do not recall.  She married Rev. "Dick" O'barr.  One son, Harmon, one girl Mattie.  James W. Reynolds married Celia Bradley.  Four girls Cora (George Maxwell), Belle (J. Frank Hawkins), Sarah (John Lindsay), Zona (Tom Jones), Frank and Bell have two Jim and Joe, and three girls.  Herman Reynolds had one son Herman.  He had a blue eye and a black eye.  Rev. George W. Reynolds, a Methodist minister, wife, Jaine Guest.  Two sons, Frank and _____.  Two daughters, Alice, wife of Rev. Jesse Mason.  Bettie Corbett.  Ben F. Reynolds and wife had two sons, Walter and Ben Allen.  Three daughters, Dovie Ratliff, Trudy and Twilight.  John Reynolds died single.  Zack died when a boy.


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