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Elizabeth Reynolds

Elizabeth Reynolds, the sixth child and third daughter of Henry and Mary (Brown) Reynolds was born on October 16, 1836 in Bedford county, Tennessee. She married William Starnes Wellborn on September 28, 1856 in Jackson county, Alabama. William Starnes Wellborn (or Willborn or Wilburn or Willbourn - I have saw it spelled all four ways) was born, the son of Elias and Elizabeth (Starnes) Wellborn on June 26, 1826 in Jackson county, Alabama. He was a cotton farmer and raised horses in Coffee Town, Jackson county, Alabama.

William Starnes Wellborn enlisted in the Confederate Army on September 7, 1862. While William was away from his farm during the Civil War, his wife, Elizabeth, cared for their young children, ages four, three, two, an infant, and one on the way in September 1861 and took care of the farm.

Elizabeth and William had ten known children that were all born in Jackson county, Alabama:

* James Lafette, born April 22, 1857, married Sarah Lucinda Tally and died on September 17, 1932. He is buried in the Haighwood Cemetery in Macedonia, Jackson county, Alabama.
* Nancy Melvina, born August 22, 1858, married William Francis Cabiness on February 8, 1880, and died on April 8, 1919. Nancy is buried in the Cabiness Cemetery in Custer county, Oklahoma.
* Sarah Elizabeth, born on December 10, 1859, married John Henry Wooten on August 25, 1857 and died on October 8, 1924 in Cookville, Titus county, Texas.
* David Elias, born September 9, 1861, married first to Martha Virginia Cabaniss and then to Ida Bell Carter, and died on November 25, 1940 in Floydada, Floyd county, Texas.
* Loren, born October 22, 1863, married John Vernon Freeman and died on January 20, 1940, she is buried in the Nevills Chapel Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Titus county, Texas.
* Margaret Ann, born in 1864, married James W. "Bud" Allen on October 17, 1881, and died in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.
* Anne Etoy, born on September 7, 1865 and married Jim Brown.
* William Howard, a twin to Anne Etoy died on August 6, 1869 in Jackson county, Alabama. He is buried in the Boyd Cemetery in Langston, Jackson county, Alabama.
* William S., born in 1866.
* Mary E. Wellborn born in 1868.

About 1884-85 Elizabeth sold all the farmland and moved to Cookville, Titus county, Texas with David Elias and wife Martha Virginia, Margaret, Loren, Anne Etoy and nephew, William Maples, 22. She ran a livery stable at Cookville. I have been told that she also raised and sold top quality mules.

Their daughter, Loren was very close to Mary Ellen Reynolds, the daughter of David Richard Reynolds, and wife of James David Duke. Margaret "Peggy" along with her husband and two children moved to Camp county, Texas.

Elizabeth Reynolds Wellborn died on September 12, 1889. She is buried in the Concord Cemetery in Morris county, Texas. Also buried in the same cemetery is three tall stones in the same plot, M.V., Quillar Wellborn, and Ethel Marie Wilborn. I was told that William Starnes Wellborn was very sick after returning from the Civil War, he developed Jundice during the war, and that he never got better. He died on June 28, 1867 and is buried in the Boyd Cemetery in Langston, Jackson county, Alabama.