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Sarah Elizabeth Reynolds

Sarah Elizabeth Reynolds

Sarah Elizabeth "Aunt Bunk" Reynolds was the second daughter and fourth child that was born to the marriage of John R. Reynolds and Pheba Catherine Story. She was born on Sand Mountain, in Jackson County, Alabama on October 14, 1856.

At the age of sixteen, Sarah married Samuel Pruitt on January 4, 1872 in Marshall County, Alabama. I am not sure what Samuel Pruitt died of, but I believe that he is the same Sam Pruitt (June 22, 1852 - December 6, 1873) that is buried in the Union Cemetery in Langston, Marshall county, Alabama. The date of birth would put him the right age to be Sarah Elizabeth's husband, and his death was two years prior to her next marriage. I do not believe that there were any children born to this marriage. Sarah was next to marry Elijah M. Hamilton, the son of William Alfred and Susan (Bynum) Hamilton. He was born in January of 1852 in the state of Illinois. They were married at her father, John R. Reynolds' home, in Jackson county, Alabama on August 8, 1875 by G. W. Morris.

There were nine children that was born to Sarah and Elijah:

* John Alexander, born February 16, 1877, married Beulah Allen in 1900 and Ester Haynes on January 3, 1907, and died on September 13, 1950.
* Alice, born on March 5, 1879, married General Gartrell Stiefel, and died on September 26, 1962.
* Alta, born July 29, 1880, married Charlie Dickerson, and died on May 12, 1933.
* William Alfred, born November 30, 1883 and died on July 30, 1909.
* Martha Elizabeth, born on June 5, 1886 (If the birth date of Thomas is correct then Martha could not have been born on this date. I believe that she was born earlier, possibly in 1884 or 1885), and died on March 15, 1939.
* Thomas Oscar, born November 9, 1886 married Alice Elizabeth Wilbanks and died on January 31, 1959.
* Arthur Henry, born January 10, 1889 married Virda Smith and died on May 20, 1912.
* Luther Johnson, born on September 16, 1893, married Elna Linville, and died on October 19, 1971.
* Annie was their last child, I am not sure of her date of birth or death, I have heard that she died around the age of four.

From what I've heard about Aunt Bunk, she was a "Spunky" woman and like so many of the Reynolds' she loved music, singing, and dancing. As most families of their time, Elijah and Sarah were farmers, they worked the land and raised children.

Elijah Hamilton died on June 25, 1916 and he was followed seven years later by Sarah Elizabeth, who died on September 16, 1923. They are buried together in the Macedonia Cemetery in Jackson county, Alabama. Many of their descendants are still living in and around Jackson county, Alabama.