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Anna Lucanda Reynolds

Anna Lucanda Reynolds was the fifth child and second daughter born to Henry Reynolds and Mary Brown, she was born on October 17, 1834 in Bedford county, Tennessee.

I believe that Anna married a gentleman by the name of William C. Maples and that that they had two children. Their first was a son, William J. Maples, born on October 10, 1873, married his first cousin, Nancy Maud Reynolds, the daughter of Arthur Campbell, and died on April 3, 1928. I believe that there was also a daughter, Sallie, who married a gentleman by the name of Moon.

I believe that Anna Lucanda died prior to 1880. She is not on the 1880 federal census and they state that her son, William J. is in the home of Elizabeth (Reynolds) Wellborn. I believe that Elizabeth raised William and moved him to Texas with her in 1881. I am not sure what happened to William C. Maples. It is possible that this is the William S. Maples that sold land to T.P. Davis in Jackson County, Alabama. The following Deed Records exists there in Jackson County:

William S. Maples
To ) Power of Attorney
F. M. Kirby
            The State of Texas
Titus County

Know all men by these presents that I, William S. Maples, of said county of Titus, do hereby choose, constitute, and appoint F. M. Kirby, of Marshall County, Alabama, my attorney in fact for me and in my name to bargain, sell, and convey to any person or persons and for any sum of money or other consideration as to him may seem, most to my advantage a certain tract of land lying in Jackson County in the state of Alabama, or my interest in (160) one hundred and sixty acres of land known as the Broadway Place near Coffeetown to receive consideration for which the sale of said land may be made and for the same to execute in my name proper receipts and acquitances and to make and execute the purchase such assurance of title to said tract of land with such covenants and warrants as my said attorney may seem proper, whose acts in the premises I hereby ratify. In testimony whereof I have herewith set my hand this October 5, 1875.

W. S. Maples


The State of Texas)
Titus County)

Before me D. R. Reynolds, a Notary Public in and for Titus County personally appeared William S. Maples, to me well known by whom the foregoing Power of Attorney bearing date October 5 A. D. 1875 to have been executed and acknowledged that he executed the same for the considerations and purposes therein stated: To all of which I certify by hereto setting my hand officially with the seal of my office, this October 5 day A. D. 1875.

D. R. Reynolds
Titus County, Texas



F. M. Kirby, atty. in fact
for W. S. Maples
To) Deed
T.P. Davis
           State of Alabama
Marshall County

Know all men by these presents that in the attorney in fact for William S. Maples by T. P. Davis the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, I as such attorney in fact and by "?" therein invested by such power do grant, bargain, sell, and convey to said T. P. Davis the following real estate to wit: The interest of William S. Maples in one hundred and sixty acres of land known as the Broadway Place near Coffeetown in Township & Range five E, Jackson County, Alabama. To have and to hold to the said T. P. Davis, his heirs and assigns forever.

Witness my hand and seal as attorney in fact this 19th January, 1878.
F. M. Kirby
Attorney in fact


The State of Texas
Titus Co.

I, I Cherry, Clerk of the County Court in and for said county of Titus do hereby certify that D. R. Reynolds at the time of the signing of the attached power of attorney was a Notary Public in said county duly commissioned and qualified as such and that his acts at the time of the signing the said power of attorney are entitled to full faith and credit. Given under my hand and seal at office in Mt. Pleasant this July 11, 1876

I. Cherry


The State of Alabama
Jackson County

I, Nelson Kyle, Judge of the Probate Court for said county do hereby certify that the above power of attorney was filed in my office for registration on the 10th day of January, 1878 and was duly recorded (?). This the 28th day of January, 1878.

Nelson O. Kyle
Judge of Probate

If this was indeed the husband to Anna then we know that he also moved to Titus County, Texas. The D. R. Reynolds that notarized the Power of Attorney is David Richard, which is Anna Lucanda's brother. The only information that I have on Sallie comes from her brother's obituary which states that he has a sister Sallie Moon that lives in Hugo, Oklahoma.