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Arms: Vert, a lion rampant, or three escallops,
two in chief, one in base or
Crest: A Stag couchant on mount proper.


The family of Reynolds is Irish in origin. The early form of the name was McRaghnail, the Gaelic form being Raghnall, which is equivalent to the English names Randal and Reginald. All three of these names are believed to be derived from the Norse. The family name McRaghnail was eventually anglicized to Grannell and Reynolds, the latter being the most common.

The family is essentially Irish, having lived since early times in the southern part of the county of Leitrim, where they held lands until the end of the 17th century.

The name Reynolds appears to have been finally adopted by the family during the reign of Elizabeth the First (1558-1603). In England, the name is believed to be a variation of the ancient name of Ranell, the family originally having come from Normandy.

No records consulted indicate when the first of this ancient family came to America. Historical records do, however, indicate that many descendants of this family have been well represented in the arts, sciences, professions as well as in the world of business.


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