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Joe Duagan Reynolds

04/10/1909 - 03/06/1974

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Joe Duagan, the sixth child and fourth son of Henry Carter Reynolds and Sarah Loundia Reeves, was born in Cookville, Titus County, Texas on April 10th, 1909. He was named after the Doctor who helped deliver him, Dr. Duagan. Joe dropped out of school in the third grade in order to work on his father's farm. He spent his childhood in Titus County and as a young man he moved with his parents to Fouke, Miller County, Arkansas. Where his father had a good job offer to share crop a farm.

On September 3, 1927 Joe married Lillar Potts in Fouke, Miller County, Arkansas. Joe Duagan stated on the marriage license that he was 20, however, by the date indicated, he was only 18. Lillar Potts age is listed as 18. It is said that she had a huge crush on Joe and at dances would only dance with him. I believe they had a set of twins, a boy and a girl.

It is said that both of the twins died and then his wife committed suicide by jumping off of a cliff or a bridge that was in the back of their house. I was told once that he was drunk the night he got married and when he woke up next to his wife and found out what happened the only thing he could say is "Daddy is really going to be mad". Shortly after her death, Joe left his parents in Arkansas and moved back to Titus County, Texas.

Joe Duagan's next marriage was to Queen Victoria Dickeson, the Daughter of Walter Jackson Dickeson and Mollie Reynolds on June 1, 1932 in Titus County, Texas. Vick was Joe's first cousin. Joe and Vick had three children, all girls, Ella Reba, Gladys Lorain, and Ima Jean. Joe and Vick divorced while the children were still quite young.

Joe then married Sallie Loretta Dawson, the daughter of Arthur Eugene Lee Dawson and Effie Durah Jones, in Titus County, Texas on May 31, 1943. Sallie was born on October 19, 1925 in Lone Oak, Hunt County, Texas. Joe and Sallie had a total of ten children, seven boys and three girls.

Joe & Sallie's first child, Larry Joe, was born June 19, 1945 and married Julia Marie Champ; J.D., born April 17, 1947 and married Jennifer Jo Hall; Vickie Faye, born May, 4, 1949 and was married five time, to John Otha Graham, Richard Lynn Bost, Bobby Earl Whitaker, Roy Lee Duff, & Michael Wayne Weatheread.

Their next child, a son James Robert, born on July 6, 1951, married Vada Marie Banks; Kathleen, born on March 11, 1953, married four times, to James Roscoe Culverhouse, Jimmy Swain, Bobby Wilson and James Paul Beggs; Jerry Don, born March 17, 1955 and married Shirley Ann Hackett.

Their son Ricky Dale, was born on August 12, 1957 and married Tammie Jo Matthews; Argle Lee who was still born on April 11, 1960; Billy Wayne, born on March 14, 1961 and married Kimberly Ann Skinner and then Vanessa Horn; and Patricia Diane Reynolds who was born on June 19, 1967. Their oldest child and their youngest child were both born on June 19th, twenty two years apart.

Joe and Sallie lived between Titus and Hunt county, Texas most of their married life. Joe worked as a farmer until the late 50's when he went to work for a concrete factory. After the plant he worked for went out of business, Joe worked at a few odd jobs, but because of his health he could never get another good position.

In March of 1974 Joe caught Pneumonia and was hospitalized at the clinic in Mt. Pleasant. He was sure that he was much worse off then the doctors would tell him, and sure enough Joe passed away on the 6th of March 1974 in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. On February 20, 1998 Sallie also passed away at Titus Regional Medical Center in Mt. Pleasant, Titus County, Texas. They are both buried at the Old Union Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, on either side of their infant son who was still born.

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