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Arthur joined the Spring Hill Reserves of Titus County, Texas and on September 1st, 1861, A.C. joined the Confederate Army at Daingerfield, Texas, Company D, 9th Texas Infantry, Maxey's Regiment. For four years A.C. fought in many battles in different states and was wounded at least three time, until Lee surrendered. He was not taken prisoner. His parole is dated July 25, 1865 at Jefferson, Texas, permitting him to return to his home in Titus County, he never drew a pension.

In Capt. Paddock's book History of North and West Texas Vol. II there is a very lengthy article about Arthur Campbell Reynolds. In part of it he writes: He enlisted in the Confederate Army under Captain Beason in Maxie's Regiment, which was assigned to the Army of Tennessee. He participated in many hotly contested engagements and skirmishes, including the battles of Murfreesboro, Franklin, Perryville, Chickumauga and others of less importance. He saw hard service, undergoing all the deprivations and hardships of war. He was never taken prisoner but he was three times wounded sustaining two flesh wounds, one through a part of the shoulder that has since been a constant source of annoyance to him. He was a faithful soldier, always on duty, displaying valor and loyalty on the field of battle, and never but once did he receive a furlough and that near the close of the war, making a visit to his home in February, 1865. On the expiration of his term he started back to join his command but while on the way heard that Lee had surrendered and returned home, so that Mr. Reynolds himself never surrendered.

In Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray, 1861 - 1865 Miss Maxine Yeary writes in part: A.C. Reynolds enlisted in the Confederate Army in Daingerfield, Titus County, Texas Sept. 1, 1861, as private in Company D, Ninth Texas Regiment, 8th Brigade, Cheatham's Division, Polk's Corps, Army of Tennessee. His Captain was Beason and First Colonel was Maxey. After the battle of Murfreesboro was transferred to Ector's Brigade, French's Division, and moved back and forth from Mississippi to Tennessee. Was wounded at Chickamauga, in the shoulder, on the second day. Was wounded in the hip at Marietta, Georgia, and in the hand at Nashville, Tennessee. Was promoted on the field for bravery at Murfreesboro on Dec. 31 to Second Sergeant, and held this position till the close of the war. Was in the battles of Perryville, Ky.; Murfreesboro, Lost Mountain, Jonesboro, Kennesaw Mountain, Franklin and Nashville, Tenn., and a hard fight at Alltonna, Ga.

A.C. started to write of his own time during the Civil War. The following was copied from a note found in his trunk, in his writing. He was almost 84 years old when he wrote: A.C. Reynolds, Nocona, Texas, September 9, 1916, From an old southern soldier. I will tell my travels, here is my trails during four years of the war. I went from Daingerfield, Titus County, Texas in Captain Beason's Company close to Bonham where the Regiment was organized under General Maxey as Colonel of the 9th Texas Infantry Regiment. I was in Company D. From there foot to little Rock, Arkansas, from there to DeValls Bluff, took a boat to Memphis; from there to Iuka, Mississippi, then to Corinth; after Battle of Shiloh, back to Tupelo, from there to Mobile, Alabama, from there took a boat up ht eAlabama River to Montgomery, from there to Atlanta, Georgia, from there to Chattanooga, sent west of the Lookout Mountain and there stood guard on Tennessee River till army was organized. They put us in Smith's Brigade and Cheatham's Division, then through Tennessee to Kentucky, after surrender of Munfordville on to Perryville and after the Battle of Perryville to Knoxville, Tennessee, then back to Chattanooga, then to McMinnville, Tennessee, then to Murfreesboro, then to Shelbyville, from there to Jackson, Mississippi and here laid around. (Unfinished)


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